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Our Story

Pitchoun is a family story! Frédéric and Fabienne Souliès are both French; he’s from the South West of France and she’s from Monaco, French Riviera. "Pitchoun" is a French affection term meaning "kiddo"— in a loving way. It is a word our parents used with any kid in the old French dialect in Provence and in the South West of France. It’s the common point linking Frédéric, this countryside guy, with Fabienne, a real urban girl! As a matter of fact, Frédéric has always been called that by his grandparents, dating back to when he was looked after by them in his childhood. He stayed at the family-owned bakery they had in Agen, South West part of France. His playground was his grandfather’s bread baskets!

Frédéric comes from a family of French bakers and farmers. He inherited the love of the product and the passion of the work. The respect of natural resources and of seasonal foods is in his DNA.

On the other hand, Fabienne’s family has always cooked, too. Her family had a flair for Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian twist, and was involved in the food industry.

Business oriented by his college studies but always passionate about cooking, Frédéric thus naturally learned to bake and graduated from the renowned bakery school in Paris, France “Ecole de Boulangerie Patisserie de Paris”. Ever since he was young and cooked with his grandmothers, he has always cooked at home. After many years as the general manager of a French food manufacturing company, Frederic decided to live his dream and work out of passion: baking!

His wife, Fabienne, and their three young "pitchouns" have happily settled down in Los Angeles with the intent of sharing their best family recipes!

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