Our Bread of the month is a BLUEBERRY BREAD, delicious round loaf based on sourdough & rye with blueberries inside. Not sweet at all, perfect for breakfast, toast or to go with cheese, you'll finish it before you realize!!

Our bread are home-made with the best ingredients and house levain starter. #wearebakers There's no preservative nor additive. This is why you will enjoy its freshness for about 4 days. After that time, you may wrap your levain bread tightly in a plastic wrap and freeze it, and defrost a slice whenever you feel like it and toast it. Ans you'll experience no waste.

Artisan bread with homemade levain and the best natural ingredients is better for your health! Your body will thank you!

* Price for 1 small round loaf, of about 500g weight or about 10 slices

ALLERGENS: Wheat -    item made in a facility where all allergens are used

Price: $6.00