This home-made sourdough based bread will give you energy! With unbleached flours, no preservatives or additives like for our other breads, it is the perfect breakfast and snack bread. 

Composed of dried apricots, dried figs, raisins, nuts, pistachios.

** AWARD-WINNING BREAD - THIS LOAF HAS RECEIVED THE BEST SPECIALTY BREAD IN LOS ANGELES AWARD (Best Baguette & Bread competition - voted by a professional Chef jury - February 2019)

 It will last 5 days max ; you can also freeze it (wrap it in plastic film really tight) to enjoy it other several days or weeks and then place the frozen slice directly in your toaster in the morning.

* Price for 1 Whole loaf sliced or not - Select that option below

** Size: about 15 inch round