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 KING'S CAKE is a French tradition, celebrated in January.  We offer three kinds of King's Cakes ("Galette des Rois"). Each king's cake is sold in a specific paper bag, to store it at room temperature, up to 2 days. 

It comes along with ONE porcelain charm to hide inside + ONE gold paper crown. You may purchase additional charms & crowns if you want more of them. The charms are gorgeous, they come from France and often people collect them.  They are breakable, it's porcelain. We also offer a postcard detailing the story behind this tradition and how to celebrate it at home or in a group of people.

Please note the little porcelain charm IS NOT PLACED INSIDE the King's Cake for safety reasons. If you want it inside you must mention it. Please note that by asking us to place the charm inside, you are discharging Pitchoun of all liability in case of chocking, eating, or swallowing of this charm and you are taking full responsibility for it. 

- You need to order your King's cake at least 2 days in advance -

- King's cakes are available from January 2 to January 31, 2020 -

FREE DELIVERY ON SUNDAY, JANUARY 10, 2021 in several parts of the city: Los Feliz (in front of LILA school), Pasadena (in front of LILA school), Burbank (in front of LILA school), Tarzana (in front of LILA school), West LA (behind Lycée Francais campus of Overland).  SELECT THIS LOCATION OPTION AT CHECK OUT SHOULD YOU WANT IT.