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Enjoy our best seller in the comfort of your home! This is one of our signature items! We are popular for that in the city and this item is truly unique!

This is very different from a regular almond croissant you'll find as we bake a traditional and authentic recipe from France. The croissant is opened and filled with a home-made almond cream and then topped with almond cream + shredded almonds. Covered with powder sugar. I cannot say more about our trade secret but you'll have to taste it! It's crusty and very brown outside and very moist inside. Don't be surprised, it's supposed to be like that! This is why it has this 'slipper' kind of shape... it falls apart and every bite is only deliciousness! You'll get addicted!

Yummy for breakfast, as a dessert or as a snack!

Contain gluten.

* Minimum order: 4 pces

Allergens : We work in a gluten environment and deal with all allergens in our premises: milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, free nuts, fish. Some items may contain food coloring.

Price: $12.00