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Pitchoun is a family story! Frédéric and Fabienne Souliès are both French; he is from the South West of France and she is from Monaco, French Riviera. "Pitchoun" is a French affectionate term meaning "kiddo"— in a loving way.  

Frédéric comes from a family of French bakers and farmers. He inherited the love of the product and the passion of the work. The respect of natural resources and of seasonal foods is in his DNA. Fabienne’s family has always cooked, too. Her family had a flair for Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian twist, and was involved in the food industry.

Frédéric thus naturally learned to bake and graduated from the renowned bakery school in Paris, France “Ecole de Boulangerie Patisserie de Paris”. After many years as the general manager of a French food manufacturing company, Frederic decided to live his dream and work out of passion-baking!

His wife, Fabienne, and their three young "pitchouns" have happily settled down in Los Angeles with the intent of sharing their best family recipes!

Everything is hand-made daily on site by our baking and pastry team, using only fresh produce from local farms, sustainable & organic ingredients and with no GMOs neither preservatives. We offer organic beverages, coffees and teas too!

Our meat and poultry are antibiotic, hormone and nitrate-free. Our eggs are free-range and pasture raised. We use only the highest quality pressed extra virgin olive oil and canola oils— no hydrogenated oils. 

We partner with some local farmers and pay careful attention to offer the highest quality ingredients and we only make what’s in season!

We are happy to share samples every day to help you discover French regional specialties.