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Home-made, hand-crafted chocolate truffles made by our in-house "Master Chocolatier"! One of our signature chocolate items and so traditional in France! Yummy and smooth, you'll love them at any time of the day or to make a gift. 

They are made with a little bit of alcohol, only the milk chocolate flavor is without alcohol.

They come packaged in a nice ballotin box of 1/2lb or 1 lb. 

Pick the size you want below + the flavor. One flavor only per box.

Should you want a larger amount for one of your events, please email us!

Contain nuts & soy (& milk for the white & the milk ones).

Allergens : We work in a gluten environment and deal with all allergens in our premises: milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, free nuts, fish. Some items may contain food coloring.