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Delicious Brioche bread, very buttery and eggy, so smooth in mouth! Perfect for any time of the day, for sandwiches, toasted or not, to pair some savory dish like certain cheese or terrine. Or to make French toast at home too! 

Very yummy and tasty, it has nothing to compare with an industrial brioche from supermarkets! Eat local, eat artisan bread, eat home-made, and then eat healthy!

'Pullman' loaf, square slices.

This bread is already sliced for your convenience in 10 slices and wrapped in a plastic bag sealed.

Contains gluten & milk & eggs. No additives nor preservatives!

Allergens : We work in a gluten environment and deal with all allergens in our premises: milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, free nuts, fish. Some items may contain food coloring.

Price: $7.15